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Pharmaceutical Company Profiles

The advances currently being made in drug and treatment research and development for cancer are very exciting. New monoclonal anibodies for solid tumors, as well as new treatment options for many other different types of cancer are being introduced into clinical trials every day. In recent months, there has been a lot of negative publicity regarding a number of pharmaceutical companies. However, without the commitment and the passion by the scientists and researchers at these companies, the cure for cancer would still be light years away. The inroads being made are tremendous, very exciting and offer incredible hope to those who, but a few years ago, would have had none.

This section of our site offers our visitors to become better acquainted with the pharmaceutical companies that are working so diligently to develop the drugs that one day will help to provide the cure for the silent terrorist of cancer. Without their work and their ongoing commitment in this fight, there would be no cures on the horizon nor hope to offer the 1.268 million new patients that are diagnosed each year.

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