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Current Cancer News
Current Cancer News

This section of our site will offer visitors the opportunity to stay abreast of current news and stories associated with cutting edge treatment, drug development and other issues that are so important when a cancer patient is trying to acquire information on the treatment and management of their disease. Contributors to this section, with links to their sites, will provide visitors a wide variety of information which is relevant and important in their ability to make informed decisions on the various treatment options open to them, the complexities of the science of cancer and the inroads being made in seeking a cure for this most devastating of diseases.

The Angels of Hope Cancer Information Resource is not the originator of the information contained in this section and is not responsible for the content published by contributions to the section. However, the information contained in the publications and the links provided, is we believe of a quality and format that our visitors will find interesting, informative and of great assistance in determining potential treatment options and decisions regarding their own particular cancer care needs as well as information on the fast changing world of drug development and therapies.

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