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CURE Magazine, is published quarterly by Cancer Information Group in Dallas, Texas and the magazine's mission is to provide cancer patients and their caregivers the latest news and information on what is happening in cancer research, treatment and therapy options.

The magazine's publisher, Dr. Vinay Jain's objective is to provide patients and their caregivers the medical information they need in a very understandable way. Today, people who are diagnosed with cancer have many more choices and decisions about their treatment options. The information is not always available or readily understandable. CURE's objective, like that of The Angels of Hope Cancer Information Resource, is to disseminate a wide variety of relevant and important information regarding the latest in research, clinical trials, disease maintenance, and other matters that so directly affect the lives of every cancer patient and their family.

The premiere issue of CURE which was released in the Spring of 2002, focused on newer targeted therapies for cancer. These targeted therapies represent the next generation of treatment in the fight against cancer. They are important and promising because they focus on the cancer itself and unlike traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapies go after only the cancer and have fewer side effects.

In the Spring Issue of the publication, there were also stories on Obesity and Cancer; Cancer-related Fatigue; Sexual Dysfunction after Prostate Cancer; a story about the "soggy" mental state that accompanies chemotherapy as told by a breast cancer survivor; How to Find a Clinical Trial; a story on anti-angiogenesis entitled Starving the Tumor; and an excellent story on pain management.

The Fall issue of CURE which has just been published focuses on "Attacking Leukemia from all Sides: New Approaches". As well articles on advanced prostate cancer, monoclonal antibodies, gamma knife treatment which provides new hope for brain tumors and a very interesting story on Healing Through Art. In line with the our mission of providing our visitors information, especially in the area of clinical trials and other treatment options, we would also encourage our visitors to read Erica Steele's article on "clarifying clinical trials".

The Angels of Hope Cancer Information Resource believes that patients and their caregivers will find important, interesting and relevant information in the publication and encourages our visitors to go to CURE's site to find out more.
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