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Our Mission

To educate the general public at large, and cancer patients and their caregivers in particular, through the dissemination of comprehensive, quality and timely information on the wide variety of treatment options available and breakthroughs in cancer research, thus enabling patients to make informed decisions regarding the treatment options open to them. The areas covered include clinical trials, conventional and approved therapies, holistic treatments and nutrition.

The Foundation will also provide assistance to patients who may choose to participate in a clinical trial but may require travel and accommodation support in order for them to receive treatment.


This site is only the beginning, ultimately patients will themselves be able to tap into the most comprehensive database of clinical trials around the country to identify the trials that are most relevant for them - each one clearly explained in plain, easy to understand language. We will also provide a complete and thorough listing of specialized cancer treatment centers and other services and information that will help patients to seek the hope and the help they need to fight this devastating and life-threatening disease.

We will be offering additional services such as a Travel Assistant, Ask the Doctor, and the ability for patients to order organic food produce, herbs and vitamins through our site. However, these things do take a little time and with the help and support of our many contributors and sponsors, we hope that we will be able to offer these services relatively shortly.

We are in the process of sowing the seeds for a resource that is much needed - a true cancer patient advocacy and information organization. From small seeds, great things will grow.

As each day passes, we will add more and more information to our site. If you have questions, please email us and we will find the answer for you.

As an interim step before we are able to complete our work in bringing all the clinical trial investigation sites into one comprehensive database, you can either let us search out the trial on your behalf by going to the Clinical trial Search Assistant, or alternatively, we can link you through "Other Resources" to some other sites where you can get information on clinical trials.

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Sowing Seeds of Hope

As seeds grow to feed the body
Hope grows to feed the soul

Without the food from which seeds come
The body will wither and die

Without hope the spirit will perish
And the light extinguished forever

Hope must be kept alive
For both body and spirit to survive

And so the seeds of hope will be sown
So that one day soon those seeds will be grown
And hope will be spread for its light to shine strong
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